Afrocentric Creed

“The Afrocentric Creed” is a document created by Molefi Kete Asante in 1994 as a part of a general project to infuse Afrocentric content into the public schools. “The Afrocentric Creed” has been adopted by scores of urban schools and become identified as one of the rituals of the Asante Afrocentric Curriculum Infusion model. Some elementary school students are asked by their principals to memorize “The Afrocentric Creed” at the beginning of the school year. The creed is then used subsequently by the teachers and principal as a way to discipline students. Students' behaviors are evaluated by examining the actions in the prism of “The Afrocentric Creed.”
The Afrocentric Creed
I have faith in myself
I have faith in my teachers
I will accept my duties and responsibilities
I respect others and seek their respect
I have self-respect
I have self-control
I can learn if I study hard
I will learn because I will study hard
I love myself, and loving myself, I will be myself and know myself
I am the one who is talking
El Credo Afrocentrico
Creo en mi capacidad
Tengo confianza en mis maestros
Acepto mis responsibilades y tareas
Tengo auto-respeto
Si, puedo controlar mis emociones
Si, puedo aprender si estudio mucho
Aprendare porque me dedico a mis estudios
Me quiero y en mi amor para mi mismo, me realizo y me conosco
Hablo yo en esta oracion